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Uber-snobby, white middle-class ghetto, which geographically lies between Luton & St. Albans.

Most occupants feel they are, "Blessed!" to live there, and that it is somehow, "Golden?". They really need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st. Century.

Their houses are full of "Harpenden Chic," tat, which they will have paid over the odds to acquire. Harpenden shops are mainly independent and full of over-priced, tasteless wares, which local Harpies aspire to buy from. Natives lovingly refer to the town centre as, "The Village," (have you seen the film of the same name?). Amongst all the overpriced independent stores, it does contain a Boots, an Argos, a Sainsburys, a WH Smith, a Waitrose, a M&S simply food store, and all the major banks and building societies.
"Must go to, "Harpenden Village!". I have a vast surplus of disposable income to lose. I do object to having to pay to park, though!"
by Realistic of Harpenden September 30, 2011
Interior design inspired by your great-Grandmother. Preferred house design of residents of Harpenden, or Harpies. Avodado bathroom suites fall into this category. More modern influences include Kath Kidston and other vastly overpriced shabby chic designers.
I must buy that tassled table lamp. It's so Harpenden Chic!
by Realistic of Harpenden September 30, 2011
Native of Harpenden
I was severley cut up by a Harpie in a Range Rover, this morning.
by Realistic of Harpenden September 30, 2011

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