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A gun people people buy when they don't know how to spell SIG-SAUER. It's funny how spec-ops, the Secret Service, the Air Marshalls, the FBI, and the SEALS all use SIG's. Yeah, it's because Glocks are the best. Right. Glocks are one of many current-generation polymer-framed handguns, and none of it's features are unique or proprietary any more. H&K, as one example, has one-upped glock with all of the same features, increased accuracy, etc for only a little more money. Glocks are the guns that people who don't know anything about guns buy. They are unrefined, have sring-loaded triggers with crappy take-up and sand in the whole mechanism. Yes, you have to lube glocks to have them not jam..I don't care what videos you watch...read the armorers manual. Also google about "glock kabooms" and glocks jamming on LEO's because they are dirtier than the last street-walker you saw. BTW, LEO's are issued weapons and that decision is made by the armorer for the department. Many armorers have chosen glocks simply because glocks are being practically GIVEN AWAY to the law enforcement community. Just because one might see many Glocks, does not mean that they are "the best." If you see more Kia's and Hyundai's on the road than any other car, does that mean they are the best cars out there? Not exactly...and I drive a hyundai. SIG's are still in widespread and growing use throughout the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. Glocks are not in widespread use anywhere outside of the U.S.

Btw., the caliber is internationally known as the 9mm parabellum and .380 is no longer sold as an active caliber in a Glock. Try and find one for sale, I dare you.
"My Glock broke, so I bought a SIG P228 instead."

"I'm a gangster. Being completely ignorant about the proper use, maintenance, and firing technique of a firearm, I am obligated to purchase/borrow/steal/'acquire' a Glock."

"My Glock looks hideous and feels like it has sand in the trigger. Par for the course, really."
by Real_Gun_Owner February 01, 2006

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