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Boring. Wears leggings as pants and uggs with shorts.
Likes/has any items or clothes that have anchors, infinite symbols or dream catchers.

Drinks starbucks.

Posts too many selfies.
Posts pictures of her feet while in the tub.
Straightens hair when she already has straight hair.
Rue 21
Uggs and shorts in the summer? Oh you know shes a basic bitch

Omg, lets go drink starbucks and get infinite symbols tattoed on us!
by Realwebster October 07, 2014
Can be used as a noun, verb, adverb, adjective. Describes someone or something that is amazingly cool, something that defies logic.

1) Masculine
2) Pimp
3) Cannot be ordinary
4) Provokes Jealousy
1) I wish i could be Mihigo.
2) How did he become so Mihigo?
3) He was so Mihigoing it!
by RealWebster December 13, 2009

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