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The guitarist for the band Avenged Sevenfold.

He thinks that he looks cool in his hat - he doesn't.

He thinks he is good at guitar because he is fast - he's not really that great.

He thinks it's cool to knock of the legendary LYNYRD SKYNYRD for his name! - NOT COOL!
Poser #1: Hey check out this Synyster Gates guitar solo! Sick man!
Cool dude: dude my 1-year old sister learned how to play that yesterday

Poser #2: Syn is the best guitarist ever!
Person who has a brain: No, Eddie Van Halen is.
Poser #2: *craps pants upon hearing Eruption*
PWHAB: Exactly
#loser #poser #crap #a7x #sucks #syn
by RealRocker March 17, 2009
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