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3 definitions by Reagan Reagan Reagan

Giving birth directly into the mouth of a bear.

"If Roe v. Wade gets repealed, so long as we have Grizzly bears you can still get a Tennessee abortion."
by Reagan Reagan Reagan March 24, 2007
Receiving a blowjob in public, while sitting behind a desk or in front of a podium, so that the person adminstering the blowjob is hidden. (ala Steve Guttenberg in the film "Police Academy.")
President Clinton was gettin' a Guttenberg while giving the State of the Union address.
by Reagan Reagan Reagan May 02, 2006
The experience of having someone make a promise and not come through on it.
"The band said they were going to show up tonight, but they never did. I got titty knived."
by Reagan Reagan Reagan March 24, 2007