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(noun) sleeping quarters at a man's job resulting from an argument with the girlfriend that cannot be solved by another night on the couch
She continued to bring up the constant overdue bills, then finally sent him to the prole house.
by Read1984 April 13, 2011

the impenetrable layer of ignorance separating men from understanding the problems women face - common in American households
Kelly tried explaining her opinion, but no man's empathy can crack the tupperware ceiling.
by Read1984 September 05, 2012
the rotten taste in your mouth when a president violates the Constitution
When the news exposed him committing perjury under oath, allowing rendition torture, and executing citizens with drones, an impeachy gag crept up my throat.
by Read1984 February 07, 2013
extra dispensation of time to the five second rule if you've swept, vacuumed, or mopped the floor earlier that day
He casually nabbed the chip from the floor within the nine second rule, the rug wouldn't be that clean again in weeks.
by Read1984 February 03, 2013

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