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When you bust a nut the size of a nuke. Kind of like Saddam Hussemien. Or, in the noun form, a dick bigger than the rocket launcher in Halo.
1. They call me cannondick because it takes more than one lick.
2. I just cannondicked all over her. Sick.
3. I've got a cannondick, like Nick Cannon on Niagra Viagra.
by Razor Jones June 10, 2006
To tell someone to use their imagination. In effect, most people, at least normal, non-homoerotic sadists, wouldn't know what a split cock looks like, so they'd have to use their imagination.
"Hey Jimmy, I heard that there's going to be a comic book about gay school children trapped in Hell, what do you think that'll be like?"
"Use your imagination fucktard."
by Razor Jones November 24, 2006

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