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The most powerful mass manufactured Semi-Automatic handgun made. Original manufactured in Israel, now imported, finished by Magnum Research. Available in many calibers and kits capable of firing all of them. .357 magnum, .41 (discontinued), 44 Magnum, .440 Cor-Bon, .50 AE.

Not overly practical, although often used as a hunting pistol in 10" configurations, or as a bear defense gun.

There are many more powerful handguns however, the .454 Cassul, 480 Ruger, 475 and 500 Linebaugh are all available in Numerous revolvers, also Desert eagle themselves make a Single Action revolver known as the BFR that can be chambered in numerous rifle rounds including .223 (same as M-16) and 45/70 A big ass mother of a round that has tremendous energy using modern loads.
Desert Eagles are big handguns that make loud noises.
by Razamatraz December 20, 2006

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