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4 definitions by Rayza

Taking a beer can, poking a hole in the bottom and opening it slighty at the top and drinking that fucker down as fast as possible.
Terry and Dean got to the party late so they shotgunned a few beer.
by Rayza July 30, 2003
A soft, life-like and flexible manniquin with orifices for pathetic, ugly men to have sex with.
"Hi I'd like to buy a Real Doll for $5000 because I'm a lonely freak that wants to fuck plastic.."
by Rayza January 22, 2004
A mis-pronounciation by Montag the Magician in the movie The Wizard of Gore. This could be used to encourage actors on set to act better.
Croncentrate! Croncentrate on what you're doing!
by Rayza May 09, 2006
A person of Chinese descent..
That chin ripped me off!
by Rayza January 22, 2004