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A Christian school, with the biggest Wacko principal ever, he thinks that Obama will bring the end of the world on all of us.

The guys almost all think they can play guitar, including the principal. They can only play 3 Chords.

The Girls all try to act christian and are a bunch of airheads, except for a few in the high school.

Curriculum is partial and leans towards the "OMG WERE ALL GOING TO DIE!!! ONE" Party of America.

There are however a few people that do have common sense and go there because their parents make them go there.
Zions hill Baptist School is the worst school ever.

That guy goes to Zions Hill Baptist School he's hopeless.
by Raypture May 21, 2009
To be defensive overly so, and to never admit one was mistaken
My Friend Josh was being so JM the other day, what a dumbass...
Stop being so JM, it was just a joke
by Raypture June 27, 2009
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