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A person who cannot understand anything when reading.
I am such a readtard, i cant understand this book, let alone do the questions for it.
by Raymaas15 May 13, 2009
A child who is pudgy/fat, and sits around the house all day being lazy and playing Webkinz.
My little brother is such a pudgekin, all he does all day is play webkinz and eat.
by Raymaas15 April 08, 2009
Short for Gay Ass, Also the opposite of BA' badass", something that pisses you off, and /or something you dislike.
Dude, that biology test was so GA, i only got 2 questions right.

Look at that loser, he is so GA.

HAHA look at that GA car it is held together with duck tape.

by Raymaas15 April 27, 2009

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