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A girl who intetionally spells her name wrong. Often quiet and does not do homework.
Has great understanding of good music.
See also friend, fun and duct tape.
Kid 1: I just met this chick who's really nice, but spells her name weird and doesn't do her homework.
Kid 2: Why is she being Casi??
by raychel January 06, 2005
Caucasian Rhythm Deficiency
Man that dude over there can't dance he has a CRD.
by Raychel March 08, 2003
A man (boy) everyone wants to see in a thong. Someone who dances without clothes on for other men, whenever the opportunity arises. Someone who has no life.
Wow, is that H4zin kid going out with Anna?
You want to know who would look good in a thong... H4zin would.
by Raychel March 27, 2003

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