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Code word that means (head, Blow job) that hoes (whores) use when they are trying to fool the person they are talking to.
Gurl I braided his hair last night. Thought I'd need my stomach pumped.

Hey babe, I'm going to Kim's house, her hubby wants his hair braided

damn it's been a minute since my head been braided real good
by Raybudd August 11, 2010
A booty call. Someone you have no interest in besides the fact that you know they are good in bed. Someone that keeps you company when your main is m.i.a
Oh girl I just stepped in a puddle of water....yeah I'll be sore for a week...

Look at that tall drink of water..

Let me call my water, my girl trippin
by Raybudd July 31, 2010
Code word that means ASS, HOES (whores) use when they are talking to their man (husband) or anyone else they want to fool, telling the truth in code
Hey baby, I'm going over to asley's house..her and tom got into it and he needs some aspirin.

Hey my mom wants her hair braided and wants me to bring her some aspirin.

Damn look at that hpoa, i need some aspirin from him.
by Raybudd August 11, 2010

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