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(n) An aggressive maneuver, when one "drops" a pencil (preferably a Ticonderoga #2), begins to bend down to pick it up, but then double taps the nutsack of someone else with a quick one-two combination of slaps.
Mike enjoys the Old Kennedy Cock Punch, but I myself prefer the Ticonderoga Two-Touch.
by Ray Kinsella March 27, 2011
(n) A deceptive maneuver, when one kneels, pretending to adjust the penny in his loafer, only to raise up and punch someone square in the cock.
Mike: "Oh shoot, my penny is falling out of my loafer..." (kneels to fix it)

Bill: "I hate it when that happens"

Mike: (Punching Bill in the cock) "Old Kennedy Cock Punch!"
by Ray Kinsella March 27, 2011
Participating in a summertime activity when there are several inches or more of snow on the ground, acting oblivious to the weather, and having your picture taken. Like planking for the wintertime.
That picture of that mother and her son in their bathing suits picnicking in 18 inches of snow is awesome! Best frosting yet!
by Ray Kinsella January 20, 2012

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