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A high speed internet connection - for example a digital subscriber like, or cable broadband.
Damn man' get that sweet ass off a pr0n site using yo' wicked-fly phat pipe.

Watch that download, itl rape yo' phat pipe.
by Rawson July 27, 2003
the online net, a collaboration.
by Rawson September 29, 2003
The power of a computer, usually only a laptop computer. Strangely linked with the idea of cogs whirring in a human mind, the crotch monkeys do the sums inside the laptop. The more crotch monkeys - the faster the machine, and vice versa.
Jesus, look at that brand new apple jobbie, think how many crotch monkeys that fuck's got.
by Rawson September 21, 2003
The state at which girls (usually young) enjoy practising some form of lesbianism, usually only on a whim to try it out.

This is the best sort of lesbianism.
Damn them girls is hot, maybe we can get them to try a little vanilla ice on this extra special occasion.
by Rawson October 06, 2003

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