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3 definitions by Rawlz

The act of cramming ones testicles into a second party's anus.
Ex. 1: Rob passed out at our party, so I gave him The Tater Tots.

Ex. 2: I met this girl Amy. She's real kinky and actually gets off when I give her The Tater Tots.
by Rawlz March 23, 2005
Any random, unintelligable, gibberish uttered by a intoxicated person.
God, Ben drunk dialed me last night and left me a 5 minute voice mail of nothing but Shirt McGuirk.
by Rawlz March 24, 2005
Noun - The mix of vomit and sperm that results when one gags on a deep-throated wang at the exact moment it shoots its load, causing you throw up all over the offending cock and balls.
Ex. 1 - Ben was trying to reenact a scene from "Throat Chokers 4" with his girlfriend and she ended up spewing sneath all over him.

Ex. 2 - Maybe there's something wrong with me, but nothing beats warm sneath in the morning.
by Rawlz May 02, 2005