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U.S. Representative for Texas's 21st congressional district, A.K.A the ugly fucking piece of human shit behind SOPA to keep his DMCA fat-assed cat-friends's pockets full of money.
While the state enemies of before who were instantly marked as communists by the government are now renamed "terrorist", I think that thing, Lamar S. Smith, is exactly the same as a communist opressor.
Also known as, Staline himself.
by Ravenscare January 17, 2012
An internet webpage alternative to iTunes, where you can purchase retail or digital music CDs, and even DVDs, usually varying from rock to electronic music. It has a little bit of everything, though.
Digital distribution is done by direct downloading a compressed .rar or .zip file, with highest speed for the newest albums.
The kind of website you resort in searching for that particular album you can't find in the internet...
Has its pros and cons...
Pros: - Many good albums

- Free CDs for download

- Can upload your own CDs to sale/download

- Usually sales

- Doesn't seem to work for VEVO

- Doesn't spam your mail box with junk mails; usually about 1 in a week for what's new, or what's in sale

- It's honest.
Cons:- Garbage content, sometimes

- Good, newer CDs tends to be higher than 10 bucks, most of the time

- Lacks a Search bar

- Difficulty to find a certain artist, unless you know where to clic.

- Very little DVDs on sale
Guy 1: I can't find that song anywhere, not on torrents, iTunes, Napster,...
Guy 2: Ever checked FixtStore? They got a good selection of industrial music.
Guy 1: For free?
Guy 2: Nah, costs 99 cents, though.
Next day; Guy 1: I gave up and paid, but I got the song I was looking for a month, at least.
Guy 2: Good for you.
by Ravenscare May 21, 2011
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