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The slowest form of electronic chatting and/or texting. A compilation of one line emails back and forth between two, or more people. To email short emails back and forth as if it were chatting, or texting.
Subj: Pick up milk? <send>
Pick up milk?

Re: Pick up milk?
Okay...need bread too?

Re: Re: Pick up milk?
yes...that too

Re: Re: Re: Pick up milk?
Okay, stop the snail chat! Just text me!
by Ravenradda March 04, 2011
Pronounced "coo-gaz-um" The elated feeling one gets from saving a large about of money using retail coupons, or getting the upper hand on savings deals. Mostly used when grocery shopping.
She had a coupgasm when she found out the hot dogs ended up being free on double coupon day!
by Ravenradda April 27, 2011
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