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An expression used when a girl is just too hot for you and you have absolutely no chance with her.
Dude don't even try it, she's way out of your league.
by RavenousPlant February 13, 2006
Fucking kick ass band! With an interesting stellar concept of glyphs and cyphers.
Their album will take you on a trip, kick your ass and then bring you back wanting more.
Dude I just saw 30 Seconds to Mars yesterday, they were awesome!
by RavenousPlant July 28, 2006
Third album by the British band MUSE considered by many to be their best. Considered by others to be highly overrated. Still one hell of an album.
I just bought Absolution.
by RavenousPlant March 09, 2006
The Man Upstairs better known as God
I believe the man upstairs is watching over me
by RavenousPlant April 13, 2006
An area with wireless Internet available (usually a coffee shop or a bookstore). It can be accessed with laptops or other wi-fi comaptible devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.
There are around 150 hotspots in this city.
by RavenousPlant February 20, 2006
Stands for Cup Racing. A term used in the high performance division of SEAT cars. Similar to VW's GTi, Audi's S and BMW's M division.
Joe just paid over 30k for the cupra version of his car.
by RavenousPlant February 16, 2006
short word used instead of random
Woah! That was completely randy!
by RavenousPlant March 30, 2006

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