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The state we live in. Sometimes we hate it, sometimes we love it. Statistically, it sucks.

Where we live (in the upstate), yes, it is populated by hicks who tote guns, stack junk cars by the hundreds in their front yards, and give 10% of their income to their local baptist church to get the preacher a new gas-guzzling SUV.

The lowcountry, however, is quite charming, from what we've seen.
All we have to say is thank god for Mississippi.
by Raven and Anne July 06, 2004
A Finnish band that sounds like *Nsync attempting to go goth/punk/rock/emo after the latter band found out that pop wasn't cool anymore.

(Un)fortunately, they miserably fail at their attempt to "rawk".
*annoying boyband voice with uplifting fake-rock backbeat* Sooooommmetiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmess...

"In the shadows" is a god-awful song.
by Raven and Anne June 05, 2004

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