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An insult used by blink-182 member towards Fall Out Boy bassist, Pete Wentz.
Tom DeLonge: "When you've come to our concert you've learn manners. No!, Mark, listen! This is about your fucking friend. He doesn't have manners. He's in the sound booth wearing a tie."

Mark Hoppus: Oh, Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy!?"

Tom: "Get off your Blackberry you bullshit fucking shit fuck!"

Mark: "Put down your Blackberry Pete Wentz! This.. This is no time to Twitter.
by Raven Skyhhhhh April 11, 2010
Scrotosis is the rotting away of the scrotum.
Bill: "I think I have scrotosis"
Tom: "Why's that?"
Bill: "Cause my scrotum is rotting, partially missing, and one off my nuts is on the outside hanging there"
Tom: "That sounds awful!"
Bill: "Not really. It's keeping my nuts from getting stuck to the side of my leg"
by Raven Skyhhhhh April 11, 2010

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