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3 definitions by RaveSpidey


a) An exceedingly derogatory term for an individual having the reproductive organs and many of the secondary sex characteristics of both sexes.

b) A highly disparaging synonym for hermaphrodite/hermaphroditie.
"Did you see that hermaphrodoodle? Heheheh. Now THAT'S some f**ked up sh*t!"

"Whoa, dude! That hooj bitch is a nasty hermaphrodoodle and a half. I'll bet you $20 her balls are bigger than yours!"
by RaveSpidey August 09, 2005

choonsiest, choonsier

a) The description of a melodic/rhythmic track (mostly electronic) that has a sense of euphoria associated to it.

b) A corruption of the word tune used in an adjectival form.

c) An almost generic description for an uplifting house/trance track.
"Dude, check this track out. It's soooo freakin' choonsie."

"OMG! That's like THE choonsiest track I've ever heard."

"At the moment I'm listening to 'Orbital - Belfast'. Now tell me that that's not choonsie?"

"I've got the urge to dance. I think I'll go put on a nice choonsie track."
by RaveSpidey August 09, 2005
a) A highly commendable description of a song (usually electronic music) that is cool, fun or all in all rockin.
"Dude, that track's TOTALLY phlurry".

"OMG! How phlurry was THAT!"
by RaveSpidey August 09, 2005