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1101110 0110000 0110000 1100010 is n00b in binary, and a very effective insult. Although it takes a ridiculously long amount of time to say, often by which time you have forgotten why you ever wanted to call someone a 1101110 0110000 0110000 1100010 in the first place, it's use often earns immense respect and/or kudos.
geek: By the nine divines, you're such a total 1101110 0110000 0110000 1100010 sometimes.
normal: wtf? you just made that up. Say it again!
geek: why should I, 1101110 0110000 0110000 1100010! You're such a 1101110 0110000 0110000 1100010 you don't even know you're a 1101110 0110000 0110000 1100010, let alone even know what 1101110 0110000 0110000 1100010 actually means!
by Raptoris March 21, 2007
The only character in the entire star wars saga to refer to Princess Leia as Princess Leah. cocksucking n00b...
Jan Dodonna sucks merkin
by Raptoris January 21, 2007
The name that retard rebel Jan Dodonna calls Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode IV.
"Using the data provided by Princess Leah, we now realise that we can blow up the entire death star by shooting this little hole. Now, may the force go with you"
by Raptoris January 21, 2007

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