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A recently discovered organism synonymous for making fake quitting threads in order to draw attention. This being frequently makes claims to being "God", but to the best of knowledge he is only the God of anal sex. Scoots is also a self proclaimed bi-sexual and a complete ass.
Thomas: Hey did you see Scoots56 quit? Billy: O God....not again...i thought he quit last month.. Thomas: Yea he came back for summoning..I'm sure hes for real this time. Billy: Yea until the next behind the scenes comes out!
by Raptor_Jesus February 01, 2008
A recently discovered cross breed of a warlock and biker. These two elements merge together to form the biggest fake quitter in modern human history. Just when you think you got rid of him, Dravenstormn stealthily comes back to shit down your throat. Dravenstormn is known to seek shelter in "tsg clan chat", but does not last long when matched against irc flame veterans.
Timothy: Yes finally that Dravenstormn is gone!!!! 2 weeks later.... Timothy:OMG Edward:What??? Timothy:Dravenstormn is back@@@ He already made 6 pointless threads with a picture and no words@#$@#$ Edward: O Sweet Raptor Jesus save us!
by Raptor_Jesus February 01, 2008
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