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2 definitions by Raphie

Is a look given by drunken ladies trying for cheap action from meaningless guys. The girl will give the up and down to a typical dude and this will be a sign of interest. The fuck me look can range between a casual smile to a full on stare down.
Last night at the sausage party this chick gave me the fuck me look and so I ditched those homos and gave it to her out by the dumpster.
by Raphie August 03, 2005
Cock eye is usually found at last call from ladies using it as a last ditch effort to hook-up in order to avoid going back to the suburbs.
Like the 'fuck-me-look' cock eye is a blurry drunken gaze that tries to appear seductive, but comes across as embarrassing.
Man, that old cougar had a serious case of cock eye. She did not want to go back to Ajax and was willing to do anyone in the process.
by Raphie August 03, 2005