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The Howdy Bomb is a term used by douche bags, who are so caught up in the way their hair, tan, eyebrows and abs look, they really want a chick to look more at them than they want to look at the chick. You can always tell a user of the "howdy bomb" by the depth of their tan, the more orange the skin the greater the usage of the howdy bomb. Also, the more puckered the lips the more usage of the "howdy bomb".
Laurence: AAAAAH bra! Check out that chick.

Humphrey: Yo Yo Diggity, Which one?

Laurence: That chick over there with the sweet cuckooglies.

Humphrey: Oh Snap! She is banging, lets go over there and drop a sweet "howdy bomb" on her tight ass.

Laurence: Boooooey! You think she'll notice my sweet puckered lips and my nice Oompa skin. I bet she can't take her eyes off my super perfect eyebrows.

Humphrey: "Howdy bomb" here we come.
by Rannan February 04, 2010
Breasts that are easily seen through shirts, typically on women who don't realize that they are wearing a shirt that leaves little to the imagination in the breastal area. Cuckooglies can be any size and are never illusive, you only need to be aware and they will appear to even the simplest of peeps.
Laurence: Yo check out that chick.

Humphrey: Which one?

Laurence: The one with the cuckooglies dribbling all over the court!

Humphrey: Oh! Bro she is super sick lets drop the howdy bomb on her and see where it takes us?
by Rannan February 04, 2010
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