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4 definitions by Randy Fitzwater

Look into my eyes do I look like I give a fuck.
When it comes to you and your new (insert whatever), I just have one word to say, LIMEDILLIGAF!
by Randy Fitzwater August 15, 2007
14 8
Sam old stuff another day
If you ask me what I think about the latest political speeches I would have to say So Sad.
by Randy Fitzwater August 15, 2007
6 2
Time to put out or get out.
This is the hereafter and if you aren't hereafter what I'm hereafter then you're going to be hereafter I've been gone a long time.
by Randy Fitzwater August 13, 2007
6 3
CP (Curry Point) is the point at which a curry comb touches the skin of the horse being combed. The significance of this Curry Point is that it is WHERE THE RUBBER (i.e. the Curry Comb) MEETS THE RODE(i.e. the horse being combed).
The two people had reached the CP of their relationship.
by Randy Fitzwater August 11, 2007
7 78