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When three people have sex. This can be two males and a female, two females and a male, three females or three males.
Cathrine screamed in happiness as she cracked into an orgasm, after Jack had cummed inside of her. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Cathrine tried to get off the sofa in the living room to get it, but Jack didn't want to waste all the hard work he had done to get her into so much pleasure. After a good five-minute orgasm, they made their way to the door, with Cathrine still riding Jack. At the door was a beautiful blond woman called Jemmie. She stared seductively at the couple. Jack took his dick out of Cathrine's fuzzy vagina, but noticed that she was completely ignoring him. Jemmie leaped towards Cathrine, and they started making out. Jack decided to help by undressing Jemmie, caressing her giant breasts and hairless pussy. Once Jemmie was naked, they started to grind against eachother. Because they were so wet, strips of their juices were streaked across their thighs. The clapping of their pussies made them even wetter. Jack started to feel left out, so he parted the ladies and began to eat out Jemmie, while Cathrine gave him a blowjob. Suddenly, he couldn't hold it in any longer. He needed to have some of Jemmie's pussy. He shoved his dick in her vagina, while the two girls made out. he licked and caressed her breasts and nipples, nibbling them. he fingered Cathrine at the same time, which made them all have and orgasm at the same time. They fell asleep spooning, wet and shaking with happiness, then repeated in the early hours of the morning. It was the best threesome ever.
by Randomerr10111 May 19, 2011

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