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2 definitions by RandomDictionarySurfer

In the gaming world, it is the power up that you see on the screen that is unavoidable, and will cause you to loose the current awsome power up that you've been using/upgrading and working on for like an hour, for something far, FAR more crappy.
Dave: So did you ever finish that last level of "Brick Breaker"?

Jimmy: NO! I had all the good power ups too, the longer trampoline thing and the lasers. But then THAT power up apeared and caused me to get a smaller trampoline that just goes really fast, and then all my good power ups went away and I died.
by RandomDictionarySurfer September 23, 2009
A place for friends? I think not. How bout a PLACE WHERE NOTHING FUCKING WORKS!!!!
Ashley: Okay, my tv ALWAYS has something else wrong with it!!!
Jessica: Sounds a lot like myspace. Are they related?
by RandomDictionarySurfer July 12, 2009