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Noun. A term to symbolize any kind of item, usually gold, hangin' ovah a brother's neck, yo.
I got mad bling bling on my dingaling, uthawise known as mah thing, now i got a gold wang-wing, and the hoes I fling, they be pimpin and the shizzle and the fizzle and the crackas on pot and the pottas on crack and otha shit and i has crack in a tiny bag and da police yo they be hatin' cuz I'm black'n shit, and also because I be dealing speeeeeeeeeeed and otha shit, I'm smokin some ritgh now, tish srufg id rea╚,yoand I still gawtz da bl§ng-bl§ng and who am I?
by RandomBlackDude August 07, 2005
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