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A moron who has absolutley no idea what the fuck he's talking about and is a god fosaken moron.
Dude I saw this guy on TV, he's such a Glenn Beck! Ironically that's the guy's name! No I'm serious!

Seriously do you need to know more?
by Random Shenanigans June 26, 2011
A country of freedom...and stuff...and...Okay *laughs*

Let me put it strait for you. Were not the worst country in the world...sort of...

Sure we have a pretty curropt gorvernment but lets be honest, who the hell doesn't?

Yeah we think europe is a country...stupidly often...

Wait is it a country? *looks in "Our Dumb World" Atlas* Okay it is confirmed to me it is NOT a country.

Sure we have a more extremist religion ideology than Rome ever will but hey it's...just an idea right? What's the harm of... an... ide-

ANYWAY! HEY! We were founded on freedom! Even though...pretty much all of the countries in Europe have it too. Including Japan...Canada...and a few.. others. But! We were first! I think. Even though blacks were slaves and women were... Nevermind.

Okay fine were pretty bad... and stupid... and hypocritical... and taking credit where it isn't due...

But lets be honest were better than places like Africa and the middle east.

Even though it's stupid to compare them becuase they're both massively different...

You know what? Fuck you, I'm out of here!

Here's you god damn example!


Good now your ears are bleeding.

Oh and the word United States becuase Urban Dictionary said so!

by Random Shenanigans June 26, 2011
To be a cynical asshole. Mainly thinking of everything as "shit" or "shitty" even if only a little bit of that thing was shown. It also means to insult anyone that disagrees with you. Even if the person was being very respectful about it.

Basically a troll.
I saw a guy playing minecraft. That game looks like shit.
Wii is a non-modern fece-like box of turds!
Dude you have serious cynicism.
Someone placing opinion: I do think this thing is of unsubstancial quality.

Someone diagreeing: I don't really agree with your state-
by Random Shenanigans June 26, 2011

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