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58 definitions by RanDom

Tooshort4's amazing song, DJMO loves it.
Tooshort has a big blue shoeee...
by Random April 17, 2005
Crazy drunken rambling overclocker
gee outonanisland, you sure do suck
by random February 04, 2005
l33t-sp33k for "wow"
omfg liek wowz0rz thats So k00l!!!!11!!1!1!!!!!1
by random January 13, 2005
vaguely resembling a sausage.
his shlong is very sausagelike
by Random August 23, 2004
A mysterious thing, shrouded in mystery. If only we knew what it truly was.
I want more BENQ!
by Random May 21, 2004
random fuckwit coding clan
several members been caught/observed cheating
Person: Do it on LAN p*morte u coding fgts
besty: Net is the way to go
592: im a fgt cheater who got busted
by random March 19, 2003
a chavlike person, of it someone acts hard, or chavvy. genral chav's apply also
hey look, he's being chavatious, let's get him!
by random November 07, 2004