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a similar word for hell.
go to kibinimat;
means go to hell.
by ran March 18, 2005
1 a : that sinking feeling that someone who should be embarrassed for their own behavior, isn't
b : projection of embarrassment onto someone unaware of how humiliatingly gauche they are being
1. It was piñebo that he mistook his adjectives for nouns.
2. The chinese man singing Tie a Yellow Ribbon kareoke at the top of his lungs at the bar was so piñebo
by Ran January 27, 2005
British slang for underpants. Usually the white Y-front type.
The skidmarks in my grits were showing the sign of me wearing them one day too long
by RAN July 18, 2003
Please refer to the word piñebo
Refer to the word piñebo
by Ran January 27, 2005

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