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4 definitions by Ran

a similar word for hell.
go to kibinimat;
means go to hell.
by ran March 18, 2005
16 14
1 a : that sinking feeling that someone who should be embarrassed for their own behavior, isn't
b : projection of embarrassment onto someone unaware of how humiliatingly gauche they are being
1. It was piñebo that he mistook his adjectives for nouns.
2. The chinese man singing Tie a Yellow Ribbon kareoke at the top of his lungs at the bar was so piñebo
by Ran January 27, 2005
7 5
British slang for underpants. Usually the white Y-front type.
The skidmarks in my grits were showing the sign of me wearing them one day too long
by RAN July 18, 2003
6 8
Please refer to the word piñebo
Refer to the word piñebo
by Ran January 27, 2005
2 7