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2 definitions by Ramush"Rambo"Haradini

A day free from work that a Serb must have to visit his family or relatives in county jail, local mental hospital, lunatic asylum, subhuman mental institution etc,
SmellyChetno: Boss, i need a weekend a off for my Serbian Holiday, I wanna go to Holland.

BloodyAlbo: Why would u wanna go to Amsterdam & do drugs, shagg prostittues, while you can do that in your enclave of Grachanica?

SmellyChetno: No man, I have to go visit my family in Hague War Crimes Tribunal.
by Ramush"Rambo"Haradini January 06, 2011
A common word that is used in the Balkans (every state) when you want to describe someone as being wild, acting immoral, behaving like an uncivilised savage etc.
Dude: oi man stop shooting that old couple with an air gun, you can kill them you know.

Walter: who cares man, they are going to die anyway.

Dude: Seriously bro you are now acting like a Serbian Monkey.
by Ramush"Rambo"Haradini January 28, 2011