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The act of two male individuals painting or carving their dream girls faces on each side of a watermelon including a hole for the mouth. The two individuals proceed to face fuck there masterpiece until they touch dicks in the middle.
"What did you guys end up doing last night?"

"Not much. Just watched a movie with those two hot chics in it. Then we both sculpted their faces on a watermelon did some melon mashing. Ramming Ryans dick half way through the melon was kinda fucked!"
by RamRad August 14, 2009
The act of an important male face fucking a lesser important female till he gets bored and then he dumps a bag of pop rocks down her throat. The important male continues to face fuck the female while the pop rocks explode like a beautiful array of fireworks protruding out of her throat around his cock.
BITCH...I can't get off without pop rox cox.
by RamRad October 21, 2009

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