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1. By definition, the most offensive racial slur known to man. Any singular entity within earshot when those 2 vowels are spoken should immediately stop what they are doing and punch the motherfucker in the face for War Crimes against humanity. Anyone who says this word is instantly uncool and considered the lowest of the low in the social and spiritual world. Saying this word will make you go straight to hell. It may be expressed in this equation,

NigJig = 99,999 * 3Nigger(5Kike * 27Gook * 15.5Chink)

2. A nig doing jig.
Ram, stop saying NigJig in the vent channel you NigJig!

A line was formed to slowly beat to death the man who uttered the vowels Nig combined with Jig, NigJig.
by RamHata2000 September 21, 2010
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