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2 definitions by Ralphalph

Raising chickens: When a male or a female tries to pick up on the opposite sex.
Originates from the pick up line:
X:Do you raise chickens?
X:Cause you raise my cock.

Mav:What up blood, whatchyo doin?
Minty:I be just raising chickens,
Mav:Yo serious? thass wassup!
Minty:That is what is up!
by Ralphalph May 12, 2008
1.It's when person takes a crap and reflects about a long hard day.

2.Taking a crap in an intellectual, yet philosophical way.
"Today: I failed my test, got fired from my job and now my girl friend wants to break up with me. I gotta use the think tank."
by Ralphalph May 21, 2007