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“ejaculation technique” is a sophisticated courtship strategy ordinarily directed at an unattainable hottie. The technique involves the man ejaculating into a water bottle, coffee, or food item to be consumed or ingested by the target hottie. This technique can be used after or concurrently with the Clarence Thomas technique of romancing a hottie by placing your pubic hair follicles on the lid of her preferred beverage container. Warning - - this technique may constitute a misdemeanor or felony under state law and you probably should consult a local criminal defense attorney before you employ the ejaculation technique.
Chewbacca: Dude, I’m going out with that trashy chick from accounting on Friday night. If all goes well, I might be showing her my “oh face.”

Spiccoli: Sweet! What was your opening line?

Chewbacca: No opening line. I used the ejaculation technique right after having a strawberry margarita at lunch and then deposited a gift in her water bottle. She guzzled that shit down and then asked me out. Classic!
by RallyMonkey39 April 25, 2011

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