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2 definitions by Ralfh

when i need a home and ive got no-one to trust or share, i got a £50 note and burned it with a match using a-level maths to chant to jerry springer when it is really crap, i used to have a telivisiion but the sprites died. The monkey chops ate me with their leader some call Jebus, but some call geoff
I need a monkey to sit on.
by Ralfh October 14, 2004
was originally transcribed by a naked goat named judith on a hillside in freckleton, this hillside was very hilly and grassy and was the hillside where jebus removed the chocolate egg which blocked him from getting out of the cave where the rumans chucked some lettuce making him want to go in, this is a true story BELIEVE ME!!!!!
a little hen want ing to cross the road to get to the other side but getting squashed in the process by a mighty being named jebus the holy moly god of chickens.com, visit at ye peril. IF U DARE!!!!!!!!!
by Ralfh October 14, 2004