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Furious and uncontrollably violent outburst usually associated with grounds staff or other related professions.
And so Onions went on a raging cock path.

Shitting hell, that kid has been on a raging cock path ever since that Mumpkin Head layed some pipe on his baby sister.
by rak-takahh June 08, 2004
A person whom enjoys receiving hard and heavy cock slap upon their naked arse. Not gender specific.
What is up with them dort lezzers? is they smoking crack or what?

Phil Mitchell likes to dort precious up the lesbian arse.
by rak-takahh June 08, 2004
A relation between the X and Y axis of the 2-Dimensional Plane which when plotted looks quite ridiculous and ends in "Root Salad Ya Bastard".
shit me boi, that Root Salad Graph is whacked up to the max.
by Rak-takahh June 08, 2004
A potato with two antlers, or similar growths, on the either side of its head.
God damn that is biggest crack-takin' shirt pullin' fire startin' dick bean in the west!

I pierced my ear with a dick bean's antlers.
by rak-takahh June 11, 2004
Abbreviation of "Pipe Layable", term used to describe a female upon which you would like to "lay some pipe".
That bitch-whore is a PL fo' shizzle dizzle.

Check it out, them is some totally pimpin' PL's, no danger mate.
by Rak-takahh June 08, 2004
THE prom queen is the (snow)boarder who prom queens above all others the most, or most, spectacularly.
We've all had a few prom queens, but Jeff you are without a doubt the prom queen.
by Rak-takahh June 08, 2004

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