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n. skank ass ho. dirty biyatch. a slut who you can slap the shit out of. usually though this refers to a dude. very degrading term. most devastating when delivered in combination with "bitch".
i'll smack da taste out your mouff, rekin!

get the f&ck out ma face ya rekin...biyatch!

"where ma money at, rekin?"
"yo homedogg, i aint make ya none tonite. i wuz chillin on message boards, shootin da shit wiff da fems."
"whachu say, gay bitch?"
"i say there aint no bread tonite, man."
"f&ck you best get me ma money tonite fo' you taste da back of ma hand...bitch rekin!"

by Rajeev Al-Richmond July 06, 2006

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