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Means "Hello" in Estonoan language.
Tere päevast härra - Good day sir (as hello sir where "päeav" means day)
by Rainhio August 14, 2008
Moop has become a way to say "Hi" or "Hello" in the game World of Warcraft. It is used to say "Hello" in guild chat but the most common use is as a General Chat salute in high level raid instances, when a player wishes to make his/her presence known to all other players who are zoned into the same instance.

Repsonses may vary from "Hey Freddie " to "STFU you nab we are raiding here" which often leads to a spate of general chat spam and abuse.
person1: Moop
person2: Hey m8 how a u?
person3: Oh no not he again. Who let him in here?
person4: FFS SHUT UP &%#% NOOBS!!!11
person5: Moop
by Rainhio February 23, 2009

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