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Is amzingly beautiful girl. Can come across shy but once she opens up she is funny, charming, up for anything and a girl who is of top quality. She is just the best person to be around and the best friend you could ever have. Always knows how to cheer you up, gives just the best advise ever and will always be there when you need her. No matter what she will always be there for you to listen to your problems. Charlottes are fun-loving and enjoy being around people. She does love a good party. She is not a slag. She does enjoy a good bitch from time to time. Has a great smile, a girl that everyone falls in love with and who all the guys want to date and secretly in love with. Is very popular with boys. Loves her family and friends and anyone is lucky to have met her.
Wow there goes Charlotte
by RahGaGaOohLaLa December 23, 2010

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