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Ur'in Urine is a term said to someone who's wearing a onesuit, and accedentaly wet themselves. Following the patterns of molecular diffusion, the pee spreads through the fabric and will eventually soak the whole piece of clothing.
Haha, you wet yourself in that onesuit and now Ur'in Urine.
by Ragnaråkk December 17, 2010
Ansi is a word for describing a state of hydration. Like "full" is to "hungry", ansi is to thirsty. Ansi descends from the latin word "transitus", which means "cross-over", or "to make a passage", thus crossing from a thirsty to an un-thirsty equilibrium.
I'm thirsty" "Really? You should drink something, and you'll be ansi.
by Ragnaråkk December 14, 2010
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