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Very famous music in Bulgaria, almost 80 percent of the deluded citizens of the country listen to it. It's a mixture of Turkish and gipsy music usually performed by women that are dressed like whores. In Bulgaria children at the age of 7 start listening to that music and use it's abusive words in real life which makes them really awful, Chalga is the scum that destroys every last drop of humanity in people and restricts them from thinking as normal human beings. Chalga fans are usually heavily drunk people on parties, weddings, chalga clubs (which are numerous in Bulgaria), and small children under the age of 18 which are pliable to have sex on the age of 13 influenced by the lyrics of chalga. With a few words, chalga is the dreg of society.
(Performed by a woman chalga singer, the song is very famous.)

Take me to some local pub
and start ordering
and for me start a fight
violently drive
on red traffic light
do something crazy with me
we're gonna do crazy things tonight
by Rafaelo April 11, 2005

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