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Adj. Musically talented and/or extremely strange/amusing.

Noun. Any person who can be described by the above adjective.
"That whole family is really McCausland."
"Oh, so you're a McCausland!"
by Raemanzu September 13, 2008
1.Interjection. Can be used interchangeably with "Hmm" to fill space in a conversation or express boredom.

Has also, in rare cases, been used as a synonym for the word "come".
"Gome... so what do we do now?"
"Watch out, I'm goming for you!!"
by Raemanzu September 13, 2008
1. Noun. Similar to "chuckle", but more dignified and less likely to be associated with fat people or evil warlocks.

2. Verb. "To Chuck". The act of making the above noun/noise.
"He gave a little chuck of amusement and licked his fingers sexily."

"She thought your speech was funny. I heard her chucking under her breath the whole time!"
by Raemanzu September 13, 2008

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