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Scene kids dress like a combination of emo and candyravers but they're not depressed like emo kids. They're usually pretty happy but they just like the style of emos and candyravers.
a scene kid has...
choppy, stick-straight hair (either short or long, not in between) dyed more than one color
gauged ears
emo glasses but they'll usually wear contacts
plastic bracelets ('candy' that candyravers wear)
cute little clippies/bows in their hair
wear shirts with small, repeating cutesy pictures like dinosaurs or owls or whatever
usually wear a long striped shirt under another shirt so the stripes poke out the bottom
enjoy childish things like coloring colorpages, etc
spend time with friends taking myspace pictures
HAVE to have a myspace
chipped fingernail polish (usually black)
big sunglasses
tight skinny jeans
converse, vans, and ballet flats
myspace backgrounds are like their shirts: cutesy repeating pictures like dinosaurs or robots or owls or something like that.
listen to bands no one's ever heard of or older bands
type && instead of and
when they comment people on myspace they combine words: omgyouaresoprettyprettyimsojealous. etcetc.
use 'omg' and 'ily' and don't capitalize, but otherwise type normally.

scenekid1: hihi! howareyou?
scenekid2: heyhey i'mgoodyou?
scenekid1: just coloring some COLORPAGES
scenekid1: kwell i gotta go. ily!! <33
scenekid2: ily<3
by RadishEarrings December 07, 2006

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