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1 definition by Radio29

A synonym to Energy, Lust, Will power, Etc.
"Ork" or "Orka" is the Swedish word for all of the above.... And a lot shorter. An expression within its self.
"i don't have the ork"
Can be used in multiple different ways.

Pronounced like "or" with a "K" at the end of it. Just like the Orc's in Lord of the rings.
Example 1.
Jessica: Daniel do you want to come over and watch a movie?
Daniel: No i don't have the ork to come over.

Example 2.
Mike: John do you want to play football?
John: Na, just don't have the ork.

Example 3.
Anne: Fuck me now!
Marie: My tongue is to tired from this morning and i have been working all day. Orka....
by Radio29 January 26, 2008