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two fat ass fucks who think they can wrestle, their names are tyler and trae.

2. the act of ones weight exceeding 1200 pounds/ measuring 8.3 or higher one the rictor scale with every step.

3.excessive eating- due to cream filling to the face syndrome.
geologist: oh crap we have another earth quake!!!!
Scientist: false alarm, we just have some fat fucks walking around sucking on twinkies
Geologist: stupid fucking fat fucks.
by Radio james January 18, 2008
a slightly color blind queer- acting male, with clinical depression due to the recent diagnosis of AIDS and having the shame of a barbie sized penis
A: Hey you! what color is that poster?
B: umm brown?
A: No, idiot its orange ha ha ha, stupid jordan.
B: dang it, im gonna go kill myself for having gay sexual intercourse with a midget and hopefully i live long enough to get a penis enlargment.
by Radio james January 18, 2008
valerie, jordan, myspace hackers
they are shorter than a mail box lol which is vertically challenged
by Radio james January 18, 2008

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