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Northumbrian. The female reproductive orifice and the tissues attendant thereto. Usually of a sheep or other farm animal - but not necessarily.
He looked worn oot. Glimmers like a pair of sheep's blarts.
by Radge Gadgee December 06, 2006
Onomatopoeic North East English for spit
He's the sort of bloke who would hockle on yer heed and tell you it was raining.
by Radge Gadgee April 24, 2006
Northumbrian. A love bite
Deek at the chowie on it! Thon mort needs more scran.
by Radge Gadgee December 06, 2006
Northumbrian. Noun. A piss
Mind me pint, ahm gaan fer a mootah.
by Radge Gadgee December 06, 2006

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